XML Sitemap Validator

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An XML sitemap is a page on a website that is not typically viewable by the user, but which lists the pages on a website allowing search engine crawlers to more easily index pages on a domain. Pages are typically organized in hierarchal fashion and indicate to the search engine the importance of the pages to each other and how frequently updates are made.

Sitemaps are typically encoded using XML. Crawlers are directed to sitemaps through the robots.txt file on a website if one exists. This document indicates what pages should be ignored by search engines and can direct the crawler to the sitemap to indicate which should be indexed. Sitemaps are a simple way for webmasters to ensure that all pages they wish to be found by search engines will be.

Using the Validator

To ensure that your sitemap is functioning properly, enter in the URL of your sitemap into the box and validate. Or, if your sitemap is not currently live you can upload a file or copy your sitemap document to validate.