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With the introduction of in-depth within SERPs, SEOs and webmasters alike have begun to change the way the think about and create content. These long-form pieces of content can be similar to those created by major publications, but they may be less timely – months or years old – they are “evergreen”. With a greater emphasis now being placed on this informative, authoritative, and thoughtfully created for the reader, these pieces of content are being given great weight within search.

Not just any in-depth article is awarded this status; there are specific requirements that must be met. One of which is markup on the page; use this tool to get you started and generate the required markup. Google Authorship is also an integral part of the content and lends further authority to the content being created.

Please note that none of these fields are required; however, it is in the best interest of the content to provide as much detail as possible.