CPC ROI Calculator

See how to use CPC ROI Calculator

People invest money into something in the hopes that it will result in higher profits, also known as a ROI or Return on Investment. The ROI Calculator can help measure the ROI of your CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign.

Total Clicks

The total clicks for a given month from the advertising publisher (Google or Yahoo search listings for example) can be obtained from the Client Activity Report the publisher makes available to you. Enter in this number, or an estimated number for the following month into the Total Clicks box.


The amount you pay a publisher for every click your ad receives is the Cost Per Click. You can receive this amount by reviewing your Client Activity Report.


Enter a percentage into the conversion rate field and never a fraction. For example if you are converting at 8%, enter 8, not 0.08. The conversion percentage must be obtained from your own records and is the percentage of people arriving at your site from the advertising who then purchase from or become customers of your site.


When a visitor who arrives at your site from an advertising campaign converts, take the profit from this sale and other CPC conversions and estimate the average profit you receive. This profit is the total amount you earn from the sale. For example if you sell something for $1,000, and it cost you only $100, your profit is $900.