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  • Words that have a capital letter in them
  • Words with numbers or special characters in them.

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Crawl your site and find misspellings: Hover over the number to see the misspellined words. Create your own exceptions list.

Please Note That This Tool Will Not Check the Following:

  • Words that have capital letters in them
  • Words that include special characters or numbers

Due to the resources used to run this tool, it is limited to 5 uses per user, per day. If you are interested in using this tool more than 5 times, please return to this page after a full 24 hours.

Spell Checking Site Content

Since the beginning of 2011 there has been many changes to Google’s PageRank Algorithm, with one of the important changes being the reward of higher page rank for URLs with great content. Two of the biggest hallmarks of bad content are typographical errors and misspellings. If web content is written poorly, it will have very little value and will more than likely never be considered expert content. In turn it will not gain high quality backlinks, and users will not want to stay on the site, resulting in high bounce rates. All of these factors are reflected in rankings.

To be clear, not all URLs that have a spelling error or minor typo are garbage, and not all garbage pages are filled with errors but the correlation between having minimal value for users and poor content is very high. In order to enhance the value of your content, it is important to ensure that it is clearly written, has a defined objective, uses appropriate grammar and is void of spelling errors.

Spell Check an Entire Site or Just a Page

To ensure that the text on your site is high quality, y a tool that can check spelling is helpful. The Free Online Spell Check Tool does just that. Simply enter the URL of your site into the text box, and then select the number of URLs you would like the tool to scan and hit “Ninja Check.”

Please Note

  • Spell checking multiple pages will take some time. The higher the number of pages being scanned, the longer the tool will take to run. Please have patience.
  • This spell checker will scan only the text that is displayed on the page. It will not scan metadata, text in images, Silverlight, or Flash content.

When the tool is finished running, a complete report that lists each page scanned and the misspellings on each URL will be available. By clicking on the number of misspellings, you will be able to open a report window for each page. All of the text on the specific page is shown in the report and misspellings are flagged in red so they are easily identified.

List of Misspelled Words

At the end of the report that is produced with this tool, there will be a misspelled words list. This list can be reviewed to see if the terms found are misspellings or are just custom domain names, user handles, or other terms specific to the website. Improve your site’s content with this tool.