Online HTML Validator

See how to use Online HTML Validator

To use this tool, select the input method you wish to use. You may choose to validate the coding of a URL, a file being uploaded or direct input. If you choose direct input you will copy and paste the full HTML of the page you wish to validate.

Once you have selected how you would like your encoding to be validated, you may select additional options.  Our tool has been designed to automatically detect Doctype and Character Encoding, but you may select different, specific Doctype and Character Encoding options from the drop down lists.

More Advanced Options

Show Outline – This will provide you with a machine generated outline of the page being validated based on headings.

Clean Up Markup with HTML-Tidy – Using this will show you the source code of the page you validated once it has been cleaned up by the HTML Tidy library.

Verbose Output – If you would like more detailed and lengthier error messages this option should be checked.

Once you have filled in all options simply click on “Ninja Check” and review your results.

This tool uses the W3C Markup Validator.