Web Design Tools

Check out a selection of free web design tools, generators, converters, and more to help you customize your website according to the needs of your brand and business. We also offer free web design and coding tools to clean up and correctly code your website. These tools address many different aspects of web design, including encoding and decoding, conversion, and the implementation of web safe and SEO-friendly web design. All the tools are in beta, so we welcome your feedback!
  • Favicon Generator Add a favicon and improve your site’s branding. Our favicon generator helps you create a custom favicon with just a few simple steps!
  • HTML to PHP Converter Avoid manually converting HTML to PHP; this tool allows users to convert their HTML to PHP by copying and pasting.
  • CSS Coder Creating CSS text and codes with just a few clicks using our easy-to-use utility. Never have to worry about issues with CSS properties ever again.
  • HTML Code Cleaner You're probably adding unnecessary load time to your webpages because of unnecessary HTML formatting. Our code cleaner conveniently cleans up your HTML.
  • HTML Encoder Properly encoded HTML characters should display correctly when posted to an HTML page. Broken blocks of text can be avoided through prior HTML character encoding with this tool.
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode Keep your website copy clean and free from strange HTML errors when you use our HTML Entities Encoder
  • Floating Layer When you need to track your click throughs and the cost per click, you can use our Adsense Calculator to demystify the process.
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color This tool gives people the option of changing their scrollbar colors in Internet Explorer.
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator Meta Description: Create a custom mouse-over DHTML tooltip popup with this tool. Choose text size, font size and more to show users helpful information when navigating your site.
  • PopUp window generator By using our JavasScript Pop-Up Window Generator users are able to create and customize pop up windows for their site.
  • Web Safe Colors You'll improve the look of your webpage when you use our websafe color utility. Based on the standard 216-colors web safe color chart, our tool is the easiest way to determine the right hexadecimal color value every time.
  • Advanced Syntax Highlighting The Advanced Syntax Highlighting tool is a great way for webmasters to add syntax highlighting with minimal work. Using this tool the generate HTML is easier than ever.