PPC Tools

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a branch of SEO that requires active monitoring and decision-making regarding the most advantageous PPC spends and new opportunities that may be beneficial for one’s niche. Our selection of PPC tools makes it easier to identify PPC opportunities and utilize Google AdSense for the benefit of your website and business.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool Our Google Adwords Keyword Tool saves you time and hassle by giving you the search volume and CPC of every phrase you enter.
  • Google Adsense Calculator The Adsense Calculator makes it easy to estimate potential earnings and clicks based on page impressions, CTR, and CPC. Take advantage of this tool to gain abetter understanding of Adsense earning potential.
  • Keyword Typo Generator The Typo Generator Tool, which reveals common misspellings, is a great way to see select misspellings and versions of words that real-life users may input into search engines.
  • CPM Advertising ROI Calculator This calculator measures your ROI (return on investment) if you are using the CPM (cost per thousand) impressions advertising model common to most banner and button ad campaigns.
  • Google AdSense Preview Work smarter, not harder when you use our Google AdSense preview tool when crafting and updating your websites. Targeting your content to create more ad clicks has never been easier.
  • CPC ROI Calculator The ROI Calculator can help measure the ROI of your CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign.