Other Tools

Practice safe searching and online activity with our selection of password protection and security tools. By using safer passwords and encryption, you can better protect your accounts and online activities.
  • Free online spell checker Crawl your site and find misspellings: Hover over the number to see the misspellined words. Create your own exceptions list.
  • Phone Number Spelling Tool Phone Number Spelling Tool: Discover the perfect combination of letters and numbers to suit your business cards or provide a clever one liner if someone asks for your phone number.
  • Words Counter The fastest way to find out how many words, characters and lines (including spaces) the text contains: Just copy-paste your text in the field above
  • Create 1 list from Several Lists With this keyword management tool, you can create 1 list from several extensive keyword lists. The tool will also remove duplicate keywords.
  • Hide Your Email Putting your email on your website is important. Our tool to hide your email can help prevent spam while providing a good experience for visitors to your site.
  • Password Generator Your passwords may not be as secure as you think they are. Using our secure online password generator to create password codes that are all but impossible for anyone else to guess or crack.
  • Password Encryption Utility This password encryption tool uses a number of methods to protect site visitor information. Encryption ciphers include MD5, Unix DES, and sha1.
  • Password Strength Checker Don't let thieves break into your systems and steal from you because your password is poor in strength. Our Password check test will let you know if your password is secure or not.