Webmaster Tools

This selection of webmaster tools includes resources to help you markup your pages and increase their usability. Also included are several tools to help you code and format your website. These tools allow you to view, convert, look up, and implement changes...
  • Robots.txt File Validator Run Robots.txt Validator to make sure your Robots.txt adheres to web standards. Use this free tool today to ensure that your Robots.txt file is valid and does not contain any errors that will affect the crawling of your site.
  • Advanced Robots TXT Generator Robots Text Generator is designed to allow site owners to easily create Robots.txt files to control which sections of your site are blocked for various crawlers.
  • Fetch Header Tool The Fetch Header tool will grab all headers sent by the server in response to an HTTP request. Useful for seeing what cookies are being set or where re-directs are going.
  • XML Sitemap Validator To ensure that your sitemap is functioning properly, enter in the URL of your sitemap into the box and validate. Or, if your sitemap is not currently live you can upload a file or copy your sitemap document to validate.
  • Whois Domain Look Up Using a whois domain lookup tool to run a whois search gives you a fast and easy way to find or confirm domain registration information.
  • Online HTML Validator To use this tool, select the input method you wish to use. You may choose to validate the coding of a URL, a file being uploaded or direct input. If you choose direct input you will copy and paste the full HTML of the page you wish to validate.
  • HTTP Header Response Codes Check Tool Check the response codes of any URL with the HTTP Header Check Tool, and ensure that your site is operating as it should.
  • Domain Age Checker Our practical and easy-to-use domain age checker can make the difference between a domain that shows up on the first page of search results and one that gets buried. The tool is compatible with Google Toolbar for ease of use.
  • DNS Lookup Tool Do you need a reliable DNS lookup utility? If so, then DNS record lookup tool is just what you have been searching for.
  • Change My Browser Size SEO tools such as the What’s My Browser Size Tool allows you to see how viewers see your site when using different size browsers. Make sure everyone can view your website.
  • Browser Settings Convenient and easy to use, our Browser Settings utility helps you figure out all your default browser's capabilities. Learn your IP address, cookie settings, browser resolution, and much more.
  • Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker Don’t lose valuable traffic. This tool allows site owners to redirect HTTP header links, so that potential visitors do not receive an error for a broken link.
  • htaccess Generator Use this tool to help you better protect your Apache-based website and users. This htaccess generator will encrypt files and directories for the benefit of your website traffic.
  • Whats My IP Free Tool Users looking for information on site’s location, time zone and operating system can use the Whats My IP Address tool. Find browser version, operation system and more.
  • IP Address Converter People usually recognize IP addresses as four sets of numbers between 0 and 255. Reveal the decimal form of any IP Address with this IP Address Converter.
  • Ping Test Our Ping Utility is a FREE tool to help you check on the performance of your website.
  • Base64 Encoding Decoding Using Base64 tools will ensure safe data transfer across several media types along with the arrival of that same data in the correct format.
  • Domain Name Typo Generator Create a list of probable domain name typos and misspellings with the Domain Name Typo Generator. Misspelled domains can be purchased and redirected.
  • HTML Source Code Viewer Webmasters can use the HTML Source Code Viewer tool in order to quickly view HTML code. This tool can be added to the Google Toolbar.
  • Code to Text Ratio Tool The Code to Text Ratio tool has the ability to extract anchor text from HTML coding along with text from paragraphs and then give a content ratio based on this information.
  • URL Rewriting This valuable htaccess URL Rewrite tool will increase your website’s search engine viability and make it possible to go from a Dynamic URL to a Static URL.
  • URL Encoding URL Encoding can take time... time you could be spending doing more important things. Manage your time and energy wisely by using this free URL encoding tool.
  • Website Pattern Extractor Regular Expression Pattern Extractor from given URL
  • Fetch HTML content The Fetch HTML Content tool can strip the HTML tags from content you find on the web. This tool makes reading online content much easier.
  • Webpage Size Lookup It is important for webmasters to understand how total web page size is determined and how to write HTML to allow minimal rendering time.
  • Dig Utility Gain Valuable Information With the Dig Utility
  • Regular Expression Pattern Extractor This tool is extremely valuable if you have a long regular expression and you need to pull out specific pieces of information.
  • Regular Expression Match Get things done right the first time by using the Regular Expression Match Tool to ensure your Regular Expressions are working correctly
  • Datetime Format Converter An easy-to-use Unix timestamp converter for programmers. Simply input the date, select the format you used, and receive the converted timestamp.


Webmasters are familiar with the types of coding required to create a website that users can navigate and understand. They however are not always familiar with the specifics about how to help search engines like Google understand exactly what the page is about. While it is true that search engines, now more sophisticated than ever before, are able to understand a lot about a page, the exact intent of the page can sometimes be lost. For example, if your website is about a movie, but the movie has the same name as a book or major historic event, how is the search engine going to know your site is about the movie and not the other possible options? With microdata provided by our schema generators you can add information to your page to help search engines understand the underlying meanings of your webpages, allowing it to be displayed in a relevant and useful way.
  • Book schema generator By using the Book Schema Generator you can easily add information on the book author, publisher, publishing date, ISBN/ISSN, edition, and book format right in the SERPs
  • Review schema generator Review Schema.org Generator: Simply fill in the fields provided and our tool will create review codes that can be used to markup your listings to show product reviews and ratings in the SERPS
  • Organization schema generator Organization Schema Generator allows you to create code to identify specific aspects of your organization to show up in results
  • Movie schema generator By utilizing the Movie Schema generator individuals can add markup to their pages which makes it clear in the SERPs that the page is in fact about the movie
  • Event schema generator Use the Event Schema Generator to add event specific information (such as the title of the event, the venue, and the date) on your upcoming event to the SERPs
  • Person Schema.org Generator The Person Schema.org Generator makes it easier for you to mark up your personal information on your page, so that search engines can more easily display and recognize your results
  • Product schema generator By using Product schema generator of markup you are able to better control what product information is visible when you show up in search results.
  • In-depth article code generator In-depth article code generator lets you easily generate /article schema for your page.

Web Design Tools

Check out a selection of free web design tools, generators, converters, and more to help you customize your website according to the needs of your brand and business. We also offer free web design and coding tools to clean up and correctly code your website. These tools address many different aspects of web design, including encoding and decoding, conversion, and the implementation of web safe and SEO-friendly web design. All the tools are in beta, so we welcome your feedback!
  • Favicon Generator Add a favicon and improve your site’s branding. Our favicon generator helps you create a custom favicon with just a few simple steps!
  • HTML to PHP Converter Avoid manually converting HTML to PHP; this tool allows users to convert their HTML to PHP by copying and pasting.
  • CSS Coder Creating CSS text and codes with just a few clicks using our easy-to-use utility. Never have to worry about issues with CSS properties ever again.
  • HTML Code Cleaner You're probably adding unnecessary load time to your webpages because of unnecessary HTML formatting. Our code cleaner conveniently cleans up your HTML.
  • HTML Encoder Properly encoded HTML characters should display correctly when posted to an HTML page. Broken blocks of text can be avoided through prior HTML character encoding with this tool.
  • HTML Entities Encode Decode Keep your website copy clean and free from strange HTML errors when you use our HTML Entities Encoder
  • Floating Layer When you need to track your click throughs and the cost per click, you can use our Adsense Calculator to demystify the process.
  • Internet Explorer Scrollbar Color This tool gives people the option of changing their scrollbar colors in Internet Explorer.
  • DHTML Tooltip Creator Meta Description: Create a custom mouse-over DHTML tooltip popup with this tool. Choose text size, font size and more to show users helpful information when navigating your site.
  • PopUp window generator By using our JavasScript Pop-Up Window Generator users are able to create and customize pop up windows for their site.
  • Web Safe Colors You'll improve the look of your webpage when you use our websafe color utility. Based on the standard 216-colors web safe color chart, our tool is the easiest way to determine the right hexadecimal color value every time.
  • Advanced Syntax Highlighting The Advanced Syntax Highlighting tool is a great way for webmasters to add syntax highlighting with minimal work. Using this tool the generate HTML is easier than ever.

SEO Tools

Use our SEO tools to make informed decisions regarding your website optimization strategy. With tools to aid the keyword selection and implementation process, you can use these tools to better understand the keyword strategy, identify on-page errors and fix links.
  • *Google Disavow Tool The advanced tool for backlink analysis
  • *Get URLs from Google / Bing search results tool A cool Greasemonkey script to generate the list of URLs from Google results
  • Website Crawler and Sitemap Builder Tool Google Sitemap Generator: Crawl 500 to unlimited pages of your site to quickly investigate any crawling issues and errors
  • Compare Search Engine Rankings Tool The free tool that lets you graphically compare the results of a given search term in two search engines and see how terms overlap.
  • On-Page SEO Optimization Analysis Tool Our full collection of SEO analysis tools has helped many people improve the rankings of all their webpages. Arm yourself with key information that you can gain from each tool and attract more visitors to your sites.
  • Explore External Links from Each Internal Link Tool This tool allows you to get a better sense of your link neighborhood by accessing the external links for internal pages on the input URL.
  • Page Comparison The Page Comparison Tool allows users to compare two different pages to see if any similarities occur. Check all important elements of 2 or more pages and compare them.
  • Google Keyword Suggest Tool We can help you generate ideas for content and drive traffic to your site with our Google Keyword Suggestions tool.
  • Easy URL List Cleaner Extended Use this multifaceted tool to easily merge data from different areas, including Google Webmaster Tools and MajesticSEO, or clean a URLs list to feature only unique-domain URLs
  • Create Title Tag and Meta Description Content Report By entering the URLs of your site (up to 100 at a time) you can easily identify the URLs with duplicate, non-existent, or non-optimized title tags and meta descriptions. You can compare your current title tags against the keywords for which the URL ranks and discover new optimization opportunities.
  • Link / Header Checker Provide a URL and this free tool will crawl all links from that page and give you a list of header responses of each URL as well as the title tag of each linked page
  • Suggestion Keyword Finder Discover valuable keyword opportunities by conducting deep research with our Related Keywords Tool. Create a spreadsheet of these related keywords and create targeted content to give your site the attention it deserves.
  • Keyword Combination Tool Use this SEO tool to generate new ideas and get fresh keyword prospects. Refresh your site and increase your reach today!
  • Smart Keyword Density Analysis Keyword density analysis utility is helps users to re-think the keyword distribution on any web page. You can use it to expand your own keyword list, get some additional analysis as well as make sure your page is not over-stuffed with keywords
  • Keyword Cloud Tool Keyword Clouds help you visualize a page keyword density in a simple illustration. Use this tool to figure out how to efficiently improve your content.
  • Page Image and Link Analysis Provide the URL of the page and let the tool crawl all the images and links on it: Instantly see broken or redirected images, compare external versus internal link usage, preview images, etc.
  • Internal/External Link Analyzer Tool This tool presents a table with data on on-page links and the anchor text that brought in the traffic.
  • C Class IP Checker Site owners can cross check pages with this tool to find out whether they are in the same class range.
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator Turn on your spider sense. The simulator may reveal certain elements and links within a page that may not be visible to search engine.
  • Page Speed Tool How quickly are your page loading? How long does the average user have to wait? What affects your page load time? This tool will answer these and more of your questions.
  • Indexed pages from Domain Users can get a count of indexed pages from major search engines (Google and Bing) with this tool.
  • SEO Analysis SEO Analysis tool can be used to obtain a mini SEO report and a content analysis. Improve your site with the analysis reports gathered with this tool.
  • Advanced Meta Tags Generator An easy-to-use online tool to generate essential meta tag information for your web pages: If you are not sure about any of them, hover-over the information icon for a tool tip
  • Meta Tag Analyzer Analyzing the competition and enhancing meta tags will help site owners with their web traffic. This meta tool can help create better and more productive web content.
  • Keyword Density (Phrases; Remove Stop Words) This tool analyzes the URL and returns a table of keyword phrases. It removed all stop words (except those that appear in the middle of a phrase). It also lets you include or exclude "invisible to an eye" page elements (meta tags, alt tags) as well the title of the page

Social Tools

To help users most effectively leverage the developing areas of social media optimization and authorship, we’ve collected a few social media tools. These tools may be beneficial when gauging content popularity in social spheres, finding influencers, and so forth. Learn more by mining social data and identifying areas for further user engagement and increasing your brand’s reach and social presence.
  • Author Crawler Google authorship is believed to once become a ranking factor in Google. See which authors link to your site with the Author Crawler Tool.
  • Social Media Tool + Authorship This free social media analysis utility helps you research the Facebook, Twitter, and other social media site popularity of your URLs and those of your competitor
  • Edit Images for Facebook, Google +, and Twitter Tool We have too many social media sites to be able to keep up - this tool was created to help you quickly create cover images for Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest. Simply upload your image and select what you are going to use it for!
  • Social Activity App Quickly see a snapshot of Facebook discussions around any domain. Log into Facebook, give the tool a try, and then try it again when you are logged out. This will give you multiple perspectives.
  • Check your Facebook Privacy Setting The Facebook Privacy Checker tool will check for privacy issues and show you what information anyone can see when they look at your profile. Find issues and fix them.
  • Find Your Facebook ID People can find out their Facebook ID with this social media analysis tool.
  • Branded Youtube Video Search You can get video results for multiple brand names all on one page and view videos on that same page.

PPC Tools

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a branch of SEO that requires active monitoring and decision-making regarding the most advantageous PPC spends and new opportunities that may be beneficial for one’s niche. Our selection of PPC tools makes it easier to identify PPC opportunities and utilize Google AdSense for the benefit of your website and business.
  • Google Adwords Keyword Tool Our Google Adwords Keyword Tool saves you time and hassle by giving you the search volume and CPC of every phrase you enter.
  • Google Adsense Calculator The Adsense Calculator makes it easy to estimate potential earnings and clicks based on page impressions, CTR, and CPC. Take advantage of this tool to gain abetter understanding of Adsense earning potential.
  • Keyword Typo Generator The Typo Generator Tool, which reveals common misspellings, is a great way to see select misspellings and versions of words that real-life users may input into search engines.
  • CPM Advertising ROI Calculator This calculator measures your ROI (return on investment) if you are using the CPM (cost per thousand) impressions advertising model common to most banner and button ad campaigns.
  • Google AdSense Preview Work smarter, not harder when you use our Google AdSense preview tool when crafting and updating your websites. Targeting your content to create more ad clicks has never been easier.
  • CPC ROI Calculator The ROI Calculator can help measure the ROI of your CPC (Cost Per Click) campaign.

Other Tools

Practice safe searching and online activity with our selection of password protection and security tools. By using safer passwords and encryption, you can better protect your accounts and online activities.
  • Free online spell checker Crawl your site and find misspellings: Hover over the number to see the misspellined words. Create your own exceptions list.
  • Phone Number Spelling Tool Phone Number Spelling Tool: Discover the perfect combination of letters and numbers to suit your business cards or provide a clever one liner if someone asks for your phone number.
  • Words Counter The fastest way to find out how many words, characters and lines (including spaces) the text contains: Just copy-paste your text in the field above
  • Create 1 list from Several Lists With this keyword management tool, you can create 1 list from several extensive keyword lists. The tool will also remove duplicate keywords.
  • Hide Your Email Putting your email on your website is important. Our tool to hide your email can help prevent spam while providing a good experience for visitors to your site.
  • Password Generator Your passwords may not be as secure as you think they are. Using our secure online password generator to create password codes that are all but impossible for anyone else to guess or crack.
  • Password Encryption Utility This password encryption tool uses a number of methods to protect site visitor information. Encryption ciphers include MD5, Unix DES, and sha1.
  • Password Strength Checker Don't let thieves break into your systems and steal from you because your password is poor in strength. Our Password check test will let you know if your password is secure or not.